Jodi Arias: I’m gonna wash that bitch right outta my hair

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You guys are so brilliant. I have been reading every single one of your comments. And the murder theories are interesting.

Yesterday, I posted my own theory about the shower pictures. While having a chat with Nurse Smokey she said that she didn’t think there was a photo shoot. After looking at these pictures I think Nurse Smokey might be on to something.

So I went sleuthing and I found this colage that someone so brilliantly put together which tells the time line of the pictures along with the image. Click it to make the image larger.


If you will take a look at 5:27 this is the face of a man who was pleading with his murderer. When he is backed up against that wall that was when she had that gun on him. After that the images get a little crazy. This wasn’t a photo shoot. And please if you disagree with the Dr’s analysis post your opinion. I love to hear from you.

I want to leave you with this image of a man who lost his life. We have to remember him. We have to hold her accountable for what she has done. This is the image JM showed her later in the day when she lost it the second time yesterday.


The Jodi Arias Case: Porn and murder don’t mix (warning graphic image depicting sex and violence)

Happy Monday! For all of you death hags I thought I would do you a favor and post the original porn photos here on The Pot Papers. Let me just warn you ahead of time the photos aren’t altered and depict graphic sexually explicit photos along with violent images.

In happier times

In happier times

You can watch the trial live at Jodi Arias Death Penalty Murder Trial on Radar Online.

Before Jodi Arias stabbed Travis  Alexander 29 times, shot him in the head and cut his throat from ear to ear, they both engaged in a nude photo shoot.



Jodi arias on the day of the murder

Jodi arias on the day of the murder

Then Jodi took some photos of Alexander in the shower.


This photo is the last one taken of Travis Alexander. The state believes this is when Arias subdued him on the floor of the shower by use of a weapon.

court-photo leaningback_1 untitled untitled2

This photo is when Travis Alexander was subdued on the floor of the shower by Jodi Arias.

This photo is when Travis Alexander was subdued on the floor of the shower by Jodi Arias.

Shortly after these photos were taken of Alexander he was killed.


Alexander’s throat was cut from ear to ear.

This is the picture of Jodi dragging Travis' body back into the shower. They way you should look at this photo is longview downward. Take note of the foot in the distant and then you will see it. slide_273021_1968561_free

Alexander’s body wasn’t discovered for five days. Friends found him lying on the floor of his shower.

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Travis' body was found 5 days later in the shower.

Travis’ body was found 5 days later in the shower.