Arias files motion to fire defense attorney

Jodi gives the finger during the State's closing by Juan Martinez.

Jodi gives the finger during the State’s closing by Juan Martinez.

USA Today-PHOENIX — Jodi Arias, who has been convicted of first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, but has not yet been sentenced, filed motions in Maricopa County Superior Court this week to fire her main defense attorney.

Arias said Tuesday in a 12-page handwritten narrative that her lead attorney, Kirk Nurmi, had not seen her since May 23, the day the jury reached an impasse on whether to sentence her to life or death. She claimed that she attempted to fire him in June, as well, but Judge Sherry Stephens did not grant her request.

Arias writes that Nurmi has an “utter poverty of people skills” and “has little to no tolerance for my emotional and psychological shortcomings.” She offered, as an example, her emotional reaction when the defense played in open court a lurid recording of a phone call between Arias and Alexander. Arias said she wanted the tape to be played in a closed courtroom only to the jury and not to the general public.

Nurmi could not immediately be reached for comment on Arias’ motion.

Arias, however, speaks kindly of her second-chair attorney, Jennifer Willmott, who she said has borne the brunt of the work in the case.

Arias was in court Thursday for a settlement conference before retired Superior Court Judge James Keppel. A court representative relayed the message that no agreement had been reached and that Keppel was referring the case back to Stephens.

The lack of a deal was not surprising, given that there is not much room for negotiation. Arias is already convicted of first-degree murder, which carries the options of a death sentence, natural-life sentence or life with a chance of release after 25 years.

A death sentence can be imposed only by a jury, so the only discussion points would have been whether the County Attorney’s Office would drop the intent to seek the death penalty and whether Arias would waive further appeals.

Earlier, Nurmi declined to comment on the settlement conference, as did County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

In his regular news conference Wednesday, Montgomery explained that he did not attend the settlement conference as he had intended because the “case is no different than any other case,” he said.

“I don’t see it as an important enough case to where I have to be personally involved to where I can’t have the prosecutor who’s responsible for the case take care of it himself,” he said.

Arias, 33, was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Alexander in June 2008. Alexander, 30, was found dead in the shower of his Mesa home. His throat was slit, he had been shot in the head and there were nearly 30 stab wounds on his body. Arias admitted killing him but claimed she acted in self-defense.

Because the jury could not reach agreement on whether to sentence her to life or death, Arias faces a sentencing retrial.

Arias has another court hearing scheduled for next Friday.

Contributing: JJ Hensley of the Republic

Jodi Arias: Give me liberty, or give me death

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In true Jodi Arias fashion court was abruptly canceled due to reasons unknown to the public.

But this post isn’t going to be about this convicted murderess. This is a post for her attorney’s.

Folks, we have kicked the shit out of Nurmi and Wilmont for the last four months. Partly because it is so fucking fun, and also because if we hate J-Hole we hate her attorneys too.

But we are learning now that J-Hole and her attorneys were not besties. And last nights interview proved how adversarial their relationship had become.

Notice Nurmi wasn’t there when the verdict was read,and if you look at Jennifer Wilmont’s face when Jodi was whispering in her ear Wilmont looked like she could stab Jodi in the neck with a pen!

In every state there are so many “death penalty qualified” attorneys. You can’t be no dumb shit to get this qualification. And it requires an attorney to try so many death cases to keep that qualification.

But here is the fucked up thing. You don’t get to chose your client. You are assigned to defend them because they can’t afford representation. Only in America will we pay millions of dollars to defend someone who doesn’t deserve it because they already admitted to killing the person.

But what if you were that attorney who is forced to represent a person who you know deep in your heart is 1.) beyond guilty 2.) lies. But not to mention your client is a narcissist who loves the press and can’t stop her lesbian girlfriend from ‘twatting’ every night. She calls her own shots by doing interviews 20 minutes after her conviction.

And as her attorney this is pretty much the last day you’d have to deal with this worthless murdering bitch and at the last-minute she decides to pull some stunt because she is too scared to accept her fate.

We have heard that Nurmi tried to get off this case four times before but was denied because as I mentioned above there aren’t many death qualified attorneys per state.

You heard Nurmi say, “I don’t like Jodi 9 out of 10 days…” If we hated her after 18 days on the stand imagine listening to her rambling ass for five years!

I’ll bet you when Nurmi took this case he wasn’t that fat but he drowned himself in booze and burgers. I’m sure that Jennifer Wilmont didn’t have a bald spot where she pulled her fuckin’ hair out! These poor attorneys had no choice, they had to defend her.

If your client is a liar and her story is beyond magical, you are fucked. You can’t  take dog shit and turn it into a Chocolate Torte cake, people. And even if you could mold it into a beautifully deceptive cake it still tastes like dog shit. And dog shit don’t taste good, Folks.

So let her commit suicide and set the taxpayers free from paying one more dime towards this piece of dog shit and her silly-ass story.

So tonight let’s give Arias’ attorneys a break because they have had to deal with this cray-cray bitch.

Jodi Arias: The power of words

Bruce11Good morning my little Hemp Hustlers!

First, I would like to say that for the last 4 months 98 percent of you have done a great job discussing the case and not taking anger and frustration out on each other.

You all have made me proud because you have made TPP a place of intelligence and discussion and not a place for hate and trolling. But for the some of you, and I ain’t naming names, have had some problems.

Listen, TPP never edits anything even the troll posts because I believe in the right of freedom of speech for everyone. You can use any cuss word you want, and in fact you can even use racially derogatory words which I am sure will come out during the George Zimmerman trial.

You ask why would you allow such a thing Puffy? Because I believe that people should 1.) Be able to show their true selves without feeling afraid of political correctness, which BTW Puffy despises. 2.) I believe like the comedian Lenny Bruce said that we can take away the power of words.

Now you may disagree with me and you may say Puffy you are insane and you might be racist. Think what you will because I can’t change your perception. But what I want you to think about is the words in which we use towards each other. The personal slanders and attacks.

We are a family here at TPP and we will stay that way. So again I want to thank you for keeping it intelligent and being good to one another. Let’s keep rockin’ and rollin’.  Meanwhile listen to the wisdom of Lenny Bruce in his stand up called Hard Words. Dustin Hoffman, who is one of the nicest Hollywood actors I have ever met,  plays the role of Lenny Bruce in the movie “Lenny.”

Lenny Bruce on freedom of speech- “

  • You can’t put tits and ass on the marquee!…Why not?…Because it’s dirty and vulgar, that’s why not!… Titties are dirty and vulgar?…Okay, we’ll compromise. How about Latin? Gluteus maximus, pectoralis majors nightly…That’s alright, that’s clean, class with ass, I’ll buy it…Clean to you, schmuck, but dirty to the Latins!” 

Florida vs. George Zimmerman starts June 10th, 2013