Audrie Potts: Saratoga Rape Case

Assaulted Teen SuicideThree teens were arrested for the rape of Saratoga teen Audrie Potts. After the sexual assault Audrie was cyber-bullied. She was teased and taunted, called a slut and a whore on social media sites. Audrie committed suicide because of this.

Seven months later the three boys involved in raping her  will have to answer questions about that night when the teens attended a classmate’s party who’s parents were out of town in Napa getting drunk on wine.

Party-goers said Potts was already drunk and passed out when they got to the party. Apparently, Potts was drinking before the party even got started.

In the Steubenville rape case the victim was also drinking excessively. She was raped by two football players.

Pictures were taken of the victim being carried by these boys just before she was sexually assaulted. She was also cyber-bullied.

Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17-year-old high school student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was taken off life support on Sunday, three days after she tried to hang herself. She was gang raped.

Pictures and film were taken during that crime and dissemated on social media sites. She was then cyber-bullied.

All three of these cases involve the internet and specifically social media. There is nothing social about social media. It has become a place of arguments, a place to spread vicious lies and random stupidity. And now it is a place to post a crime and everyone joins in to victimize the victim!

Facebook fucking hates me. They wouldn’t let me put a Facebook page up for TPP. Any chance I can be a bad little Doctor I spread my link like a dog pisses on every lamp post in a park on Facebook.

But in light of these cases involving social media and in particular Facebook, I am going to protest cyber-bullying by deleting my social media sites. I am sick of being involved with the Mark Fuckerberg fight club.

What I am asking you is to do the same. Delete your social media sites. I know some of you might be addicted to Fuckbook. Delete and end Fuckerberg’s mind control tool!

Stop wasting your precious time looking at other people’s cars, boats, fancy houses or hot spouses and making yourself feel inadequate about your own life.

Stop arguing with stupid political extremist propaganda posted by assholes who haven’t read a newspaper in their fuckin’ lives.

Spare yourself  from the multiple posts that jackasses make like, “Going to Baskin Robbins. Going to get some vanilla ice-cream.”  Or, “Jimmy took his first piss in the potty.” Who gives a fat rat’s ass? Not me.

Remember these girls and all those who have been bullied over the net. Take a stand and do your part by not condoning cyber-bulliying by deleting Facebook.