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  1. All I want to know is how this bitch manages 3 guys at one time, and I can’t get a date if my life depended on it!! SMH !!

  2. I can’t figure her out either. And keep in mind, at least in my opinion she is no beauty queen. Maybe the guys will fill us in with a reply.

  3. I never thought I could hate anyone more than I hate Jodi Arias but then along came Sneiderman! I think she’s worst than Arias and uglier!!!!!!!

    • I loathe J. Arias – hate that she thinks she is going to get away with the most horrific crime. She is laughing at all us who are responsible, take good care of our families and pay our taxes. No one could match that white trash murderer.

      • JA is not human. She is such an empty dark vessel (probably more ways than one) …did I just type that out loud? Anyway I cringe at her name.

    • Cookie: I was thinking about what you said about hating Jodi because of the brutal murder of Travis and I agree. But then I remembered that Susan Smith case where she put her two little boys in the back of the car, strapped them into their car seats and let the car roll into the dark, cold lake and just stood there and watched as it went under and they were screaming. Don’t think I’ve ever seen cuter kids. But then on top of everything else she blamed it on a BLACK man and said he highjacked her car with the kids in it. Turns out she had a boy friend who didn’t want to marry her because she came with “baggage”. I sure hope she’s getting what she deserves in prison. This is a sick world.

      • Tess tee…that case still haunts me. Their dad is remarried and now has two more kids (I think girls) and in an interview he said he still goes to that lake and just morns his boys. Those little boys could still be alive today if she would have just given them up to their dad who loved them so much. …and yes, they were two little chipmunk cheek faced boys. Too cute!

      • Pamela: And remember when she stood before all the cameras and cried and cried all the time knowing that her two little guys were at the bottom of the lake? For some reason I think that’s a worse crime than Jodi and Travis. Oh, the sadness. And what about “Small Sacrifices” – remember that one??? How can people do the things they do? Especially to innocent little kids? I have no idea…..

      • Tess tee…I remember that case well, I lived in charleston,sc at the time. People were going nuts because at first everyone believed her story. Sick bitch. So many of them, like Andrea Yates drowning all 5 kids. We could go on and on. They are the devil,to many killing kids,husbands,wife’s,etc. will it ever end.

      • I remember her on TV all to well. At the time I was living with my husbands parents and I looked at Mom and said she knows something…her tears aren’t real, she’s not looking into the camera. My mother in law told me she couldn’t believe I could think that. I have what I call a “sick sense about people”. I guess it could be considered a good thing but I actually go through life with such a different perspective than others. I’ve learned to keep my opinion to myself but usually within a year or two my perception usually wins out and it can become creepy!!! Oh the case “small sacrifices” was horrific. I watched the movie and every time I hear the song ‘Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran makes my hair stand up on my neck. She is another one who felt her children go in the way of her life. I just don’t understand and I guess that is a good thing. I have had so many people ask me to get involved with KASA but I am so scare I wouldn’t have the ability to give 100% to a child and that is the last thing they need to feel is someone else failing them. I am a survivor of abuse and I wish I could win the lottery. I would buy a farm and be a foster parent and teach children responsibility of caring for animals (because animals are innocent and seem to for a moment take you away from reality) You learn the responsibility and a reward for being responsible. Can you imagine a huge home sitting on land with foster children truly being loved and nurtured with love and guidance? All the smiles and laughter would be awesome. It could be a place they could always come back and visit and feel like they do have a real home to visit after they have become doctors, engineers, musicians….I dream big. LOL

  4. She must give an academy award winning bj. I can’t figure out the attraction either. Hopefully the universe will see fit that she pays for what she did.

    • Andrea must have some magic going on beyond all her little head bobbings and expressions. I know the state has dropped the murder charges, but I think that’s just a set up to give themselves more time. I suspect they want to make a deal with Hemy at a later date to testify against her.

      • Hey Jack, I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes justice has to be patient. I would be careful to overcharge and take a chance on her being found not guilty and never be able to prosecute due to the double jeopardy law. This way they are wide open to wait for Hemy’s appeal to come and go and then possibly get him to testify. One of the big cases in Kentucky was the Mel Ignatow trial. everyone knew he killed his financee Brenda Sue Schaefer but they could not find her body or proof. He walked. He had to sell his house to pay his legal fees and when someone finally bought it, they went to change the carpet and the realized a vent was carpeted over. The carpet guy ended up finding a baggy with jewelry and undeveloped film. He turned it over to the cops and it ended up being photos of him raping and torturing her. They got him on perjury but he served his time and was released. The irony was he tied her to a glass coffee table while raping her…at the end of his life he fell through a glass coffee table and bled to death…painfully. Some would call this morbid but I call it poetic justice. The ongoing trial in Louisville KY is the trial that is starting on Joshua Young trial. His dad killed Trey Zwicker (his stepson) and said that his 15 year old son did it but then he came clean and said he did it and not his son…He is a very sick man. Way too much going on everywhere.

      • She is probably like arias, the 3hole wonder. And has housekeeper,nanny. Just keeps her energy for only sex. But she is still ugly inside and out. Cold blooded murderer.

      • She probably drinks that energy drink all day and does cocaine getting ready for the bj’s. And I just thinks she is sort of weird looking. If she gets away with this stuff she’ll write a book and become very rich …………………………

    • Now MarciRe….they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder….Hemy is a nut and could possibly have seen her as being Halle Berry…he did admit that he has hallucinations…Seriously, her voice and bobbing head and big eyes looking at me while talking in her tone would fucking freak me out….but she does think that she thinks that she is a really nice person.

      • She’s something else. The arrogance astounds me. If she is not part of the murder, she is one cold hearted person. Maybe if I had a couple mil in the bank, I’d be attractive too. That’s the only thing she had going for her.

        Hey, I was reading your post on ignatow. I remember that case, but didn’t know he died that way. That’s some pretty awesome karma.

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