Leathers whips Weiner where it hurts

Sydney Leather's says she worshipped Weiner. No pun intended.

Sydney Leather’s says she worshipped Weiner. No pun intended.

It’s official Sydney Leathers is out on the interview circuit with her first interview with Inside Edition. Leathers claims Anthony Weiner sext her messages regarding fantasies such as “gagging her with his cock” and “grabbing her throat” during sex. He goes on to say that he believes Leathers is “the perfect woman.” Leathers, a high school drop out and a self-professed politico junkie, fell in love with Weiner and claims their virtual relationship lasted more than eight months.

OK, I watched Leather’s interview. The smile on her face says it all. It says, “Fuck you Weiner. I got you!” Now this isn’t a post to bash men, but to bash any woman who thinks having an affair with a famous man is going to work out.

Notice pretty much all the women who have affairs with these famous men are all in there 20’s. You know why? Women are fucked up in their 20’s. We make dumb decisions based on a false sense of love. We make decisions based on fantasies. And we blindly love these men. But this all ends when at 40 when one realizes that with the penis comes problems.

Men will take what they can get from a woman. And in this case Weiner got off. But Leather’s got the upper-hand. She saved her text messages for the perfect time, just when he is running for Mayor. And the reason Ladies…drum roll please…She was scorned.

You see men, you got to be careful when dealing with a 20’s woman. She isn’t intelligent enough to understand the repercussions in life. Leather’s doesn’t understand that forever she will be known as Weiner’s sexting mistress. Look at Monica Lewinsky, she had to go into hiding. The president was in big trouble. Although it wasn’t Lewinsky’s fault because she was taped by that snitch bitch Linda Tripp, she still kept that blue dress. Why would she do that? Simply put potential revenge to nail balls to the wall if she was scorned.

So this message goes out to the 20 something woman. 1.) Don’t make decisions that will ruin your life, especially decisions based on a false sense of love. 2.) Stop fucking around with married men. Based on true statistics about men and adultery, 50 percent of men have affairs but 80 percent won’t leave their wives. And lastly, don’t tie your self-worth to men. Just because a man says “you are beautiful, the perfect woman…blah…blah…blah, it’s all bullshit Ladies. Learn to smell the bullshit.

Watch the Leathers’ video on Inside Edition

Today’s song “Let It Whip” by the Dazz Band. Remember Soul Train? Notice Condi Rice is the first dancer coming down the track!

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  1. Dr puffy…great video brought back some good fun memories. Everything you wrote ,all so true. These young girls want money or 15 minutes of fame. They enjoy destroying other people’s lives. A lot of sick older guys out there also. They all deserve what they get.

  2. Dr. Puffy – First, Great Post! This stuff just cracks me up. I watched the video and listened to this 20-something with all her wisdom (LOL) speak about Weiner as if she was not doing the exact same thing. They had phone sex twice a week, it was equally a fantasy though she KNOWS he got gratification.

    Then, when they show his wife speaking, Ms. Leathers is now going to give her “educated critique” of why Abedin is choosing to remain married to the Weiner. Who cares what this girl thinks. She did the same thing by hunting down a Politician and she had designs on him for that reason only.

    His behavior was careless, foolish and lacked good judgment; he is the Jim Bakker of the political arena. She is the Jessica Hahn of politics. Next we are going to see her in straps of black leather, straddling a Harley on Motorcycle Weekly.

    P.S. If I were a New Yorker voting for Mayor, him whipping out his wiener would not be cause for me NOT to vote for him, if I felt he would do a good job for the city. However, he is way too distracted by this appendage and his careless textings and lack of good judgment would be why I did not vote for him.

  3. His mistresses must have boring lives – I can’t keep up with the socializing, house cleaning, car upkeep, dental/medical/eye appts., etc. Have no time to fool with someone’s husband

  4. Great post. I do agree with what you’ve written. While yes, some of the 20 something females are most def fucked up (I know I was) I’m sure some know exactly what they are doing. They get involved with someone who technically is “not available” and don’t care. Especially if they are “famous”. To me, that’s why they hang on to everything, (such as these texts). They’re not as stupid as they seem. They’re out for not only their 15 minutes but financial gain as well.
    But these so called famous guys (while majority are male I’m sure females do it as well) need to stop fuckin’ around and keep it in their pants. They’re delusional to think that their dirty laundry isn’t going eventually be aired. Seriously, they gotta know that there’s a possibility of getting caught, don’t they?

  5. And what about that jackass mayor out in San Diego? What’s his name, Bob Filner. There’s another twisted Weiner Wannbe D’Bag.

    • Hi Jack!
      YEPO myfriend! However–He is a DEMOCRAT! (As if THAT makes ANY “Difference”!! This is the PROOF that ALL Of Them in Wash DC ARE THE “SAME”!!) Nasty Pelosi “distanced” herself from him FAST!! (“DON’T mention that “he” was a COLLEAGUE of mine!”) That Barbara Boxer(?) did too! LOL! LOL! See how FAST The RATS Abandon Ship!!! LOL! LOL!

  6. Hi All–OMG!! I just watched that video & all I can say is: “That’s So Debasing–I LIKE IT!” LOL! LOL! Hey, I can see a resemblence to 1–(Physically in Mannerisms) Stabby De-VILE. The head tilt & smirk! 2–That “Teen Mom” Farrah who studied culinary arts, but ditched that to become a PORN Star & “sext” with Charlie Sheen!! The MATCHING “Intelligence Level” between the two ARE EXACT on IQ points!! (“Travon Martin was a GIRL who I might have acted with! She seems NICE & I hope to play roles with her again!!”)
    Beam Me Up Scottie—There’s NO Intelligent Life Here!!!

    • Alana – You and Tess know exactly when to quote Arias. Tess throws out “That’s so debasing” exactly as you do…the timing is total perfection.

      I cannot believe Sydney Leathers (come on – is that really her name?) is being given the time of day. Like I give any credence to what she has to say. I cannot believe what creates a celebrity anymore.

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