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      • JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. I’ve never seen a full-on face picture of Travis after that attack until now. HORRIFIC doesn’t even come close. I CANNOT IMAGINE what he went through. SIMPLY AWFUL.

    • @ SAM I can’t believe what the bitch did to him & the pain he must have felt! God help these jurors come back with 1 st degree Pre meditated Murder! These pics speak a 1000 words:( RIP Travis

      • And the fear…………………he knew what was happening and was helpless. God only knows what went thru his mind in those final moments. And God only knows what Jodi was saying to him as she was butchering him.

      • We can imagine, she was angry, rejected, and happy to end his life. Stabby was well organized to kill him, and waiting for another chance to go to Cancun with him. She is no victim, and if she was really in danger, she could have run, come one, you got to be stupid to believe her lies. He couldn’t have follow her naked.

        I was a victim of abuse for over 12 years; I was a child in a third world country where social workers and laws aren’t mandatory unless the kid ends up killed. My sister and I had been beaten, nose broken, we had to hide as soon as my father came home, our door was kicked, we were insulted almost everyday of our childhood. We had been kicked, my hair has been pulled and body dragged in the street once, we had black eyes and went to school (nothing would happen), neighbors let us run to their houses so we could call for help; and this happen when we got to run away. We have scars in our hands, from all the times our fingers bled trying to cover each other’s legs from leather belts. fists, ropes, or wires. We had jumped from second floors to run from our father, only to have to come back because we didn’t have a place to go. I can tell you ONE THING: WE RAN EVERYTIME WE CouLD, and we didn’t kill him. Nor I tried to kill the man who tried to rape us when we were 11 years old and our father was passed our drunk, or the guy who touched me on a public swimming pool because I was left alone. Or the guy who touched my sister’s but in the metro, or the guys who tried to recruit us for human trafficking after nobody picked us from school and we had to come home walking… Real neglect from your parents lead to these experiences. Where are Jodi’s? I wish a spoon was used instead of a kick on my back, or a fist on my face. By the way, I NEVER KICKED A DOG! I love dogs, and I support animal rescue. Jodi kicked a dog once because she was upset.

        Real victims have scars for life! Real victims talk eventually, real victims have a hospital record, real victims TRY TO RUN FIRST!
        This woman is NO VICTIM, she followed him, she stalked him, she was used sexually because she was easy, maybe she has some daddy issues, but nothing major.

        After years of abuse, suicide attempts with reanimation, mental institutions, medication, therapy, years of study, and forgiveness… I am better, but still have scars, anxiety, depression, maniac episodes. I did have bad relationships, I had been used too. I had been rejected, and in my last relationship after recovering from my last suicidal attempt, the guy was 15 years older than me, didn’t love me, used me and forced me to abort my baby. I DIDN’T TRY TO KILL HIM! Not after he said he didn’t love me with the pregnancy test in his hand, or when after I had the abortion, he told me he was leaving the country. I DID NOT KILL HIM!

        I did not kill another ex the first time he slapped my face, or the time he pushed me against the wall. The last time he put a hand of me I threatened him to tell his family and call the police, and leave him. But again, I DID NOT TRY TO KILL HIM. Innocent people, real victims, don’t plan elaborated and cold murder they run. JODI IS NOT A VICTIM, she is a selfish murderer.

        Jodi was NOT a victim of abuse, where are all the sequels of her abuse? In fact, I believe her parents didn’t have any control over her. She is arrogant, narcissistic, a control freak, manipulative, and selfish. Is a chameleon who adapts her personality to look good in front of others. I believe she suffers a psychiatric illness, but not a strong one to help her get away with murder.

        I’m sick and tired of reading idiots who believe her lies, or the lies of that mediocre psychologist Laviolette. As I believe real victims of abuse feel when they hear these pair. My sister is a social worker now, she helps children who suffer abuse and neglect, she is the one in charge of saving the lives of babies who are destined to live with abusive families. I’m a school teacher trying to make a difference, I love my kids, and I’m always paying attention to all of those who need a helping hand. We were victims of abuse, we are 32 years old, happily married, and WE ARE NOT MURDERERS.

      • *come on
        *this pair
        sorry for the little mistakes and commas. I’m with insomnia, lack of sleep does affect your spelling and grammar.
        PS/ another sequel… I have sleeping disorders since age 14. Just to make my point about real victims of child neglect and abuse. There are sequels, there are scars, there are consequences.

    • I do hope u all realize these pics are still confidential and still in use in a current ongoing trial. They cannot be made publicly therefor….

      • Pascal, you are wrong. The evidence that was released during the trial now becomes public record. So yeah try again buddy. We can’t all be lawyers I guess. Good to have you here though.

      • These pics ARE public and have been for some time. They were evidence in the criminal trial (she was CONVICTED), pascal. We’re just waiting on the sentencing phase to be re-done, since the jury was unable to decide whether Arias gets the Death Penalty or Life in Prison. Might I add: They SHOULD be public for all to see what was done to this guy… P.S.. High, Doc & Crew… ;)

      • Pascal – What do you mean? These photos have been out on the internet from the beginning. They were not sealed and confidential for the trial. I think we are all well aware of the status of this case and the upcoming penalty phase for death or life in prison.

      • Hi Sam & Marci (and Everyone) —
        Missed you guys, too. Yep mouth is pretty much healed (as much as it’s gonna be). Teeth are still a mess. Exploring options for that (that I can afford). Haven’t posted in awhile cause I’ve been trying to get used to this new writing job and just dealing with the ups and DOWNS of this new-ish “relationship”. UGH. More on all that later. Hope all of you guys are getting along well. Talkatcha soon… ;)

      • Great! Will be eagerly awaiting all the scoop. Just glad to see you back…Tess goes into withdrawals and Sam and I have to keep her occupied until you post something.

      • So i dont get thiis. Here in belgium these pictures here would be a legal ground for mistrial and release of the accused even trough penalty phase..

      • Pascal, because there was already a verdict in the trial all evidence was presented. This evidence has already been released into the public domain. Also what evidence will be needed to determine whether she should get death or life?

    • I wonder if people remember the text messages that Travis sent to Jodi,,calling her all sorts of names and then inviting her to come over. I wonder if she just sort of felt used and snapped..

  1. Sorry to say, I’m a whimp when it comes to seeing things like this. I got sick… if that skank doesn’t get death, there is no justice .

      • I heard JM say in his closing the even the San Francisco fog must not be as thick as the fog Jodi was in, not to remember in her mind the act she committed. Listening to his closing, he drew a pretty good and accurate picture of what went on that day and during the murder. I really thought there was a rope involved in the sex act that she and Travis were involved in but realized that what appeared as pieces of rope were actually tassels, like on a pillow and there was never a rope there. The only thing that is worse than a liar, is a liar that murders. The defenses closing arguments are going to sound so far fetched and ridiculous. There is nothing that they can say that can explain the justification of Jodi’s handy work.

      • She will be in more than a fog when the other prisoners get hold of her. A Judge, who has been a guest on HLN, said she will have another hole when the prisoners finish with her.

      • I would hope so. Because it bothers me to know that someone could do that to another person and would wont to live themselves.I would think peace and sleep are hard to find

  2. People in these mock juries on HLN keep saying why would she stab him, she had a gun. Why bring a knife AND a gun they say? Because She’s evil y’all. Doesn’t think like a normal person…not logical. She did it because “it felt good” to her! up close and personal. She travelled 1000 miles to stab him. It wouldn’t be enough to just shoot him…that’s too easy!! She stuck him in the heart in the shower where the blood would run down the drain. She didn’t know that it would take a minute to die even with a stab in the heart. He panicked, tried to grab the knife, started choking, ran to the sink choking trying to get his breath and seeing stars, and then began to drop as she finished him off. And for people who think he would still be fighting her and running around with a severed vena cava for any length of time…no…he would have been choking on his own blood and losing blood flow to the brain …getting dizzy and choking!!! Have you ever gone swimming and breathed in a bunch of water? The blood kept filling his lungs as she stabbed him in the back to add to it where your lungs are, and blood is thick. He was ambushed!!! There’s only 5 litres of blood in the human body…dah…and so think about it??? With each heart beat the blood pumped OUT. No more Blood Pressure…NO more brain flow…loss of consciousness quickly!!! I’m not trying to gross anybody out but I just don’t get why this is so hard for some people out there to get. Has everyone forgotten the movie Fatal Attraction?” The rabbit boiler had a big bloody knife under the bed!!! I just cannot take this anymore…I have PTSD for real!! Please forgive my rant but it is what it is. AAAHHH!!

    • it’s ok ..you are aloud to rant….the pics and what JM said today make your mind go there…I never cry..pride myself on that and I got teary -eyed… a couple of times today…the word horrific has come up more than once and I think there is a word worse than that but I can’t think of one..its just a shame the first stab did not kill him in seconds…what he went through…………….horrific

      • The word is EVIL. Pure, UNADULTERATED, EVIL. They should shorten her jail cell to 4 foot by 4 foot and wallpaper it with these photos. She should only be allowed out to shower once every two weeks and otherwise, never be let out for any other reason. They should give her the DP but never carry it out. She needs to live with this for the next 60 years. Like Manson and his gang of thugs.

    • Yep, the feeling of not being able to breath is the scariest thing. Has happened to me several times.
      Years ago before surgery, they would give you – can’t remember the name – a drug to dry your mouth, if they don’t get you put under asap, you lay there thinking you’re gonna die.
      Yes, getting caught in a tide pool and not knowing which way is up. Scary!

      • it” s so hard to imagine what TA went through. only GOD knowa what he went through.we have to understand that even if they find jodi guilty and give her the death penalty, she will stay on death-row for 12 years before anything happens to her,,, what do you suppose she’ll be doing in prison? she will finish that book she’s writing.she’ll be famous in her own way . she still has to face GOD one day’ so this means she will die twice. i have no compassion for her—period/// dottie

      • I didn’t think she would be able to even publish a book if she was on death row. I just want her to be miserable…no more lime light.

    • I know Tootsie55. They don’t understand this girl’s real self. She wanted him to suffer & she did that. She was enraged & you know she was talking shit to him as she did it. That fueled her rage. The shower pics was her way of taking his dignity, because she knew he didn’t like that. To late TA realized what she really was, sadly it was to late.

    • Tootsie..that is exactly what I believe and been saying..I believe Travis we t to take a shower AFTER her leaving.. She came back armed and picked up camera from the bedroom and ambushed him with the stab to the heart..as Travis felt the burn and pain of internal bleeding she started taking pictures. He is not posing, he is disoriented and finally crumbles to the shower floor as his limbs start to go numb..and blood flow is limited to the brain! I agree with you 110%! N

      • I never thought of that—she left and came back. But I certainly see that happening.
        When I listening to lard ass and his closing he kept saying why didn’t she kill him while TA was asleep. No way she would wanna do that. She wanted him to know she was going to kill him. This sick bitch wanted to watch him fight for his life. She wanted him to beg for his life each time she stabbed him. And she was probably smiling the whole time. This mofo-ho is gonna rot in hell…the sooner the better.
        (I just got home, have I missed anything??)

    • She needs to do a self portrait of getting the drugs going into her veins while she is strapped to the death gurney. She is despicable. Please pray for Travis’ family.

  3. OMG, for the love of all that is holy and righteous. This was not a child of God that did this to Travis. This was pure evil beyond any comprehension known to a civilized and merciful civilization of any people. I wish there was some way and some words I could gather to further elaborate, but there’s not. These pictures speak for themselves and by the hand of God, these pictures are symbolic of Travis crying out for justice in the name of Humanity and all that is right.

    I just have nothing further to say. How can I speak of any appropriate measure of punishment when such an act is committed by not just Satan, the author of all that is evil and the author of all lies, but a follower of him like Jodi Arias, who listened to what he whispered in her ear and carried out his deed. I’m just lost. I suppose I now understand so many things in life, about the way of life and why we must create a system to follow and live by. If not, these pictures are the result of a depraved mind that has no broundaries that it will not cross and no structure to live within, for the benefit of oneself and the society with which they are a part of.

  4. The question as to why bring a knife and a gun, Hmm. A knife is personal. The gun was just back up. Why didnt she kill him right off? She was waiting for the right time. Also it has been reported that she practiced witch craft..I too have studied Wicca. There is a ritual knife that is used during a ceremony. Now the whole premise is to “harm none”, but there are those that do play on the dark side. Watch the movie “The Craft” and you’ll know what I am talking about..
    What makes me sick is the way she looks at these photos with her “Black eyes”, and the feel pity on me mouth…just want to reach through the TV and smack her hard.
    Her bestie needs a kick in the ass for every eye roll she made during JM closing arguement. I guess the good thing is that the camera doesnt focus on Nurmi..

      • Your right, she wouldn’t care. It’s just one of those things that gets so much under your skin but you could think all day long as to what you’d like to do to her but then, there’s nothing that can be done to her that tops her own work, so you just look at her with disgust, with a loss of words, and turn and walk away. I can’t think of anything in this world I could do to that bitch that is worse than what she did to Travis Alexander. I’m glad I can’t, because I’m glad I do not have a heart like hers. I would not even ask God to have pity on her. Only He can do what needs to be done to that woman, only He.

  5. I’ve been sending these photos to all the guys I know who are out there dating. It certainly gets their attention… as well it should. Playa’s Beware!!

    Let’s remember though, no jury is going to convict her. Right…
    She knows she’s sooo screwed…

    • Excellent. I am a female and my first thoughts were men in this country will be forever in fear because there are copy cats when horrific things happen. This trial should have had another Judge – if JA is given leniency, the world is in trouble. Everyone will be in a “fog”.

  6. So big fat Kurt gets a go at it next, huh. I swear he’s an alien who really doesn’t give a shit. He just wants some more sugar water…

  7. Two middle fingers in the air for HOdi!
    Juan Martinez did a fabulous job like always! Very proud of his way of telling what the hell happened to Travis and premeditation of HOdi driving to him not Travis going to her. I would recap but we all know the truth. We can feel it in our guts!

  8. Juan Martinez has been totally involved in this trial. He is the only person besides Travis’ friends who have saved me from losing my mind over this trial. JA has continued to laugh at everyone every single day of the trial.

  9. I am at a loss for words on these photos. The jury HAS to see the henious of this crime and have NO doubts that the cold-blooded, heartless waste of space & air this BITCH really is! There is no doubt on my end!

  10. I get angry with the people who say things like why wouldn’t she just shoot him? Idiots…they don’t understand this evil woman at all. She imagines that HE wronged her, in her mind she is justified for killing him…in her mind he deserved it. She wanted to inflict the maximum amount of pain, she wanted him to suffer. She tortured him…HLN After Dark had a segment about whether or not she tortured him..YES! She stomped on him too I think that accounts for all the footprints around the area where they say she slit his throat. She stomped on him in her rage, probably as she told him every perceived insult and injury he had ever done to her {which was none}…dragged him back to the shower. She then cleaned herself up because no blood was found on the stairs or the laundry room. I’m still divided on when she shot him, it doesn’t even matter anymore to me…I hope she get the maximum sentence and I hope her family understands what she did.

    Someone said Grandma was crying in court yesterday…I feel for her, I really do..I think she understands fully now what she helped raise. The mother…is in my opinion nuts. She knows too, but she’s conflicted about loyalty or God knows what–but she’s emotionless..she shed more tears in her interrogation with Flores than she has shed since…at least it never shows in court. I guess I could give her the benefit of the doubt what she does at home. I think Dad always knew Jodi was guilty of this crime..not self defense, that’s why he can’t show up to court probably.

    That jodiariasisinnocent site is a low brow, white trash kind of publication. It’s insulting, it’s unintelligent and immature. I hope in the end they see that, but I won’t hold my breath–there’s something seriously wrong with that bunch. On the other hand, the Alexander family has shown strength, class and serenity through this ordeal. The Arias family & friends are too stupid to tell the difference.

    I am curious what it was Travis was talking about in the text message where he said if people knew what he knew they’d spit in her face…that might be what finally pushed her over the edge–she finally realized there was no future with Travis…her fantasies came crashing down–she didn’t even answer the message…very telling–she immediately started planning his murder.

    • Very well stated. Your account of her stomping on him gives me chills. I can’t imagine what he went through until he took his last breath.

      Gotta ask………with the shower pictures that fat boy keeps showing……..could she have had the gun pulled on him at that time? If it has been discussed previously then I missed it.

      Tubby needs to euthanize himself. Just listening to him is putting me to sleep.

      • Sam, that is what I have always wondered, if she had the gun on him while the pictures were being taken. You know, I think it is so wrong that the jury doesn’t get ALL the information like we do. After all, they are the ones that NEED all the information to make the right decision. I had to yell at the TV today when Nurmi was saying that Jodi wouldn’t have made mistakes if she had premeditated the murder. Such bullshit! What a desperate thing to say! Because even as smart as Jodi thinks she is, no one thinks of everything. And one other thing, I think it is Jodi’s own arrogance that was her undoing. Everyone would have had more sympathy for her if she would have owned up to her rage and jealousy and just said “he made a fool out of me and I wanted to make him pay.” I can relate to that. But her arrogance during cross, her arrogance when she said no jury would convict her, her arrogance of writing a manifesto in case she becomes famous AFTER she is found innocent, her fricking remarks online, and so many other examples. I think the jury won’t take long to find her guilty of 1st degree with premeditation. It was written all over her face the end of today that she is thinking the same thing.

      • I agree. She didn’t help herself with her attitudes and smugness. I too yelled at the TV. Then I got some tiny rubber balls and started throwing them at lard butt. I was giving myself bonus points if I hit him but stopped cuz he wasn’t all that hard to miss.

    • So now we know Nurmi really doesn’t like Arias either. Nine out of ten days she’s a pain in his oversized ass!! I can’t imagine having to deal with her shit for weeks and months on end. Having to look into her dead eyes, and listen to all her crap. Big Fat Kirk probably wants this trial over more than anybody else. Watching him today, as hard as it is to say this, I almost felt bad for the Fat Fuck.

  11. Let me just say that Wormi is a MORON!
    NOBODY IN HODI’S FAMILY LIKED HER, RESPECTED HER NOBODY! SO when he says that her family could of rented a car for her BULLSHIT! Just saying! I know all of us have a family member that needs a smack or two and we wouldn’t help rent Jack Shit.

  12. I hope it doesn’t escape the jury how arrogant and self-centered she is. Yesterday she couldn’t be bothered to stop her scribbling and pay attention to the prosecutor. Now that’s it’s “her turn” she’s hanging on every word!

    • I heard someone say today…she scribbles when the prosecution is up and tries to ignore what is said because Its THE TRUTH and shes not able to face the Truth..about what she did…what she is and what she always will be. She believes by looking away she can dismiss what is real and remain in her fantasy world of lies.

      • I’m sure the jury could see how smug JA was yesterday. No much got past them, as evident in their questions they asked after JA testified. Oops strike that……when she lied time after time while on the stand.
        I also agree that she was scribbling yesterday because she didn’t want to hear the truth. As well, she’s trying to make money off of her pictures.
        Can anyone tell me……..is there not a law that says you can’t benefit from your crimes? I don’t know if all states have that law. Or that the only apply after they’ve been convicted?

    • I think she thinks that she is showing her “disdain” for anyone not on her side when she busys herself while they talk, like they aren’t important. Juan’s psycologist described her so perfectly when she said she is like a naughty school girl. She never grew up.

  13. Hey everyone!!! I just tuned in about 15 minutes ago. Did I miss much. I thought it started at 1pm (Ontario Canada)? I thought it started at 1. Did they start early cuz he doesn’t know when to shut the hell up? Lard-ass is all about the sex talk. I can’t stand this fat fucker. I’m shocked he hasn’t put himself to sleep. No comparison to JM.

    • Sam,
      You didn’t miss much at all.
      If you have HLN, they go back and highlight parts, like when Jodi smiles.
      Or maybe it will be on HLN.com

      Nurmi, is a f’n joke!

  14. At first I didn’t think that the Cancun trip was a big part, but now I do think that she went there unknown and trying to get Travis to change his mind. She was gonna try one more time to see if he would take her back. That’s what a delusional stalker believes, that there is always another chance.

    I’m just hoping that Juan brings that fact up in his final!

  15. From Pre-Planned Legal to Pre-Planned Murder…

    No Mr. Nurmi the ‘former’ will not pay the fees for your not so ‘latter’ day saintly client.

  16. Jack,
    I caught that too. Pre-planned Murder…..

    Now, it’s making me sick that Jodi is sitting there looking so sad and pitiful, and crying. Damn-it, foolish dumb-ass!
    I sure hope she knows she is screwed.
    But I think she honestly thinks she’ll get off.

      • I agree. I have never seen a single tear. She puts one of those big old ugly hands across her eyes and a tissue in other hand holding it to her nose. Now unless she has the ability to weep thru her nose she is not crying at all, Hope that creepy monster bitch remains in prison forever. Her jail cell reminds me of an open coffin

      • I agree, if she had any empathy she would have never done those awful things in the first place. Borderlines apparently make great actresses; play acting is something they do all their lives due to their lack of self identity.

  17. Someone mentioned way back and called JA a pig nose. Is it just me or do JAs nostrils look bigger and even more pig like?? How many times can he say …….”doesn’t make sense”. And gotta say, for all it’s worth—just saw a pic of lard butt in his pink shirt. At least his blue shirt is a bit more slimming. Okay, maybe not so much.
    I’m watching on HLN and they’re playing sex tape. They say graphic content and then mute most of it.

  18. Seems to me that the defense closing is sealing her fate with these vivid descriptions of her killing Travis. If I was sitting on the jury I would wonder whose side Nurmi is on.


  19. I’ve been in a few fights for my life with smaller men than Travis and there was no way I had the strength to over power any of them. Maybe with a well placed weapon and the element of surprise I would have succeeded, but then that’s pre-meditated murder isn’t it?? This is no battered woman. When I look at Travis’s pics above I see a brutally slaughtered defenceless victim completely destroyed by an evil bully!! Where were her battle wounds? Oh a cut finger…self-inflicted!! during her assault. God, I need a drink!

    • Exactly!! Is he finally done??? I didn’t think he’d ever start.
      While most lawyers get paid by the hour, I think lard butt is getting paid by the word.

    • You are correct – Martinez is fantastic. Tell me, haven’t the news reporters said that Arias first was representing herself and then “fired” something like 5 other attorneys? She is represented by very good private attorneys, not public defenders. How is this possible?
      If I found myself in need of an attorney, I would have to pay for my own and more than likely sell my house to afford it. I make a very good living but really, how many people can afford this kind of representation for this long. It would definitely bankrupt me and I do not think I would qualify for the free representation.
      How is it that Arias gets high priced attorneys for free? Why did they not just keep supplying her with Public Defenders. I do not understand this system.

  20. I record the whole day of court everyday and haven’t missed a testimony. I have been following your blog and I love it. Nurmi is a greasy perv pig. His voice makes me ill. If she gets 7-10 years with time served i will never believe in justice. The last case I watched was Casey Anthony and I am still sick about her walking….I didn’t think I would ever give justice another chance but I am so passionate about this case that I had to follow it. I want her to live like Scott Peterson lives. ALONE!

    The nasty ass bitch better not walk!!!

    • Actually Scotty Potty lives in the best part of death row at San Quentin because he is a good boy. He gets to walk on a row freely which has phones and he can use those anytime he wants. So he has it good. He still has women who write him and he has had several marriage proposals from women.

      • Well that sucks! I know his life changed by being in prison but I still think hew is getting more privledges than he deserves,,,btw, nice to meet you Dr, Puffy

  21. Evil evil evil…….My son was murdered and I pray for peace for the families and I pray the jury does the right thing in the decision they have to make….she is an evil stalker…

    • Karen – How terrible to have lost your son to murder…I am so sorry. Having gone through such pain (and I can only imagine the depth) you certainly can empathize with Travis’ family. I too hope for the right decision by the jury and that eventually the Alexander family and friends are at peace. I hope you have reached peace with your loss as well. It is unimaginable to me. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

      • Karen and Marcianna are you new to TPP? If so we welcome you with open arms. Thank you for coming to our little Mecca where we are having great convos and learning from one another. Welcome!

      • Thanks Dr. Puffy – Have been an avid “reader” once I discovered your Blog searching info on Travis. Recently felt comfortable enough to join in on conversations – this is an incredible forum! You are to be commended.

  22. This was a massacre and yet her attorney acted as if the wounds to his back were no big deal…they were “shallow”. He questioned Travis’s leaning over the sink bleeding from his chest wound. It was disgusting hearing him discuss Travis knowing what his client did to him. I do not care about anything that went on between J Arias and Travis…it is totally unimportant. Arias knew exactly what she was doing and she accomplished just that. I want to see her face when she is declared guilty of first degree murder. She is such a low class human being.

  23. We have seen so many times a jury just will not convict and bring back a death penalty. This is a time to use the law as it is intended, make this woman pay the ultimate price for the horror she brought to Travis’s Family and him before he died.I guess we all have lost a boy or girl friend to some one else, but most of us woud never kill them

  24. The Pot Papers we received on JM prosecuting Robert Towery in 1992 will HOPEFULLY show the same results for Arias. Not to minimize any death, and I mean that in all sincerity, but one of the issues in giving Towery the death penalty was that his victim was treated cruelly and he suffered. The victim had been injected with battery acid, told it was a sedative for him to fall asleep, and when he pretended to be sleeping, he was strangled with a zip tie. Yes, it was terrible, and the unfortunate victim, a wonderful man, was 68. They found his body the next day. If this was determined to be cruel (and it was) what Arias did to Travis was beyond words. I am still stunned that her defense attorney yesterday was discussing which hand she used to stab him and that the wounds on his back were shallow and how the blood in the sink should have had different splatter patterns from his chest wound. Amazing – there were what, 29 stab wounds and they are going to bicker over the depth of them. His neck, his chest, head, ear, back, hands…how dare they speak of these wounds as if Martinez is making a big deal over “shallow” stab wounds. What an absolutely UGLY individual Arias is to be able to do such a thing. Please – please – please find her guilty of the crime of first degree murder. She does not deserve any consideration. She should be imprisoned and then ignored just like BTK. She enjoys this coverage, the attention, the publicity. I find her repulsive and her smile sickens me.

    • I’m no expert and certainly not min the stab wounds on TA’s back as shallow, but I just hypothesize that some of those stab wounds in his upper right scapula area are shallow because the scapula bone is located there and that bone would have stopped the knife from penetrating deeply. She probably sensed that while she was stabbing him and it might explain why she stabbed him so many times in the back and in different areas. Jodi is a cruel and unusual being as well as a danger to anyone in society. I doubt she will ever see the light of day and share your opinion. She should be put to death due to the cruel and unusual manner with which she took TA’s life. Arizona is one of those states like Texas. Once the injections begin, there is no stopping the process. A part of me hopes she does get the death penalty. But for me, that’s an easy way out and all to convenient for her benefit. I would prefer that she be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, placed in solitary confinement in a 4 x 6 cell, 24/7, with no privileged whatsoever, no socializing with other inmates, no TV, no family visits or calls, her every moved watched, her food served through one of those metal flip doors on the jail door, with styrone plates and one plastic spoon with those three jags in the end, allowed to shower 2 times a week, at 10 min each. Always handcuffed and shackled when she is lead out to shower or exercise. Allowed to exercise 3 hours a weeks and only allowed a couple of books from the prison library. She should not be allowed pencil, pen, or paper. No mail. Nothing else. She’s very young and by the time she reaches the age of, say, Charles Manson, her mind will be a wrapped mess like his. Then when she’s 65 years old, she should be granted an interview with Diane Sawyer so we can all see how well she has done. That’s a fate worse than death.

      • Just as Martinez stated…..Travis saw Hodi behind him in the Mirror at the Bathroom sink, coming behind him, stabbing him further. I truly believe now that the Jury will come back with 1st Degree Murder and give her the Death Penalty. I didn’t think so at first, but after hearing the Juror questions, I changed my mind! I also predict a quick verdict. She is a cold hearted, psychopathic bitch and an animal. She wanted to see Travis suffer & watched as Travis’ life slipped away. Truly a narsassistic, evil fucking bitch! JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS..WE ALL HAVE YOUR BACK!

      • jdish – Wouldn’t that be great! You are correct, then maybe when she is 65, her brain will be the consistency of “tapioca” as Travis’s became in the 5 days she left him to decompose. I hope early next week we all get our wish.


    • Donna B – You are right about prayers for the Alexander family. Travis’ family and friends are definitely a class act. There is no way Arias would have ever fit into that family.

      • Marcianna- you are so right. She is an ugly, low life piece of garbage who couldn’t shine the shoes of any member of Travis’ lovely, classy family. I DO feel so sorry for Hodi’s mother, though. She is doing what I think any mother would do- being there for her child, all the while having to face Travis’ family every day. It certainly looks as though Hodi’s mom is thoroughly disgusted with her, too, as are her attorneys. She is a loser all the way around.

        Sent from my iPad

      • I totally agree. I thought the same about Arias’ mother. It is not her fault and she has to feel very uncomfortable sitting there. I cannot imagine what the Arias family is going through and while they are her parents, I think it is obvious they have a very hard time accepting her behaviors…current and past. It is a bad situation all around.

      • HLN said that Jodi’s mother said ,”this is the beginning of the end” after the verdict today. She is so right. I think Jodi’s dad just can’t accept that his daughter slaughtered poor Travis and that is the reason why he’s only been to court once. I know that he gets dialysis, but I don’t think that’s the only reason why he hasn’t been there. So sad!! Jodi just screwed up so many lives, it’s sickening.

        Sent from my iPad

      • I agree with you Donna, her father looked totally drained when he did appear. I think men have a more difficult time handling these issues…especially dads. Her entire family looks drained and the terrible things Arias said about them – really, as if being hit with a wooden spoon is abuse! – Arias felt “betrayed”. I wonder if Travis felt betrayed by her as she was stabbing him?? She blames everyone for her situation and never takes responsibility. I wonder if she will even say she is sorry tomorrow. I don’t think anyone will ever figure her out, she is a total fraud. Cannot wait for tomorrow.

      • A wooden spoon. Hell, when I was growing up, I’d begged for a wooden spoon. Me and my sisters got with a black leather strap that we called the “Black Paddle” and I wish it’d been a paddle. This MFM (this motherfyckin monster) was one of those straps that a barber would use to sharpen his straight razor. It was modified to last through out our teenage years and believe me it stayed around until I moved away from home. I laugh about it now. During those days, if a child called the police on their parents for whooping the shit out of ‘em, the police just showed up and help the parent to hold the kid down for the whooping. Once me and my sister Gwen got it real bad! I have to admit we earned it. Mom left red whelps on the back of our legs and the next morning, she made me get up and pull weeds all day long in the backyard under the hot summer Texas heat! My sister wore a back brace because she had scoliosis and believe you me, just because she wore a back brace, she was spared no mercy. She eventually had back surgery to correct the scoliosis. Some of the shit we used to do. It was do much fun, her and me. It was worth getting in trouble if we got in trouble together!!!! She passed away back in 2009 due to cancer. I miss her. The cancer was stage 4. She lasted about a year. I had my own cancer back in 2005 and it was malignant but we got it in the beginning if stage 2 so the chemo and radiation took care of it. I’m way past my 5 year mark cancer free. But during chemo, I never puked or shit so much in my life. I never told anyone about it until it was all over. Rode the bus to the hospital here in San Francisco for the chemo and radiation myself. I guess after all that crap, I could probably survive anything, within reason. But Hell, I didn’t grow up and cut someone’s head off cause I got the black paddle taken to me. If I was going to do that, I’d went back to the source, old Momma!!! Ha!!!

      • jdlish!! I actually saved your reply to re-read it – the beginning with the “Black Paddle”, I too can relate. I grew up in a wonderful small town, sidewalks, tree lined, everything within walking distance from the A&P Grocery to Zuccaro’s Market with shoe stores and florists thrown in between. We all went to the same Family Doctor and you were either Catholic or Methodist. Two schools, Catholic St. Scholastica or Aspinwall Public. I left my home in the morning and as I walked, picked up a friend at each house I passed and we all walked to school together. If we acted out on the way and any neighbor saw us, they would yell from their porch for us to behave and…WE DID. Everyone knew everyone and when we got home, our parents knew if a neighbor had to holler at us. And then we received a punishment and like you said, a wooden spoon would have been a pleasure! It never occurred to me that this was abusive – and it did not end in elementary school. It is just the way it was. I moved from this town when I was 12 in 1962 (I was not and am not that way with my daughters)

        As for your relationship with your sister, Gwen…what fun you two seemed to have and how fortunate that you each had a side kick, your partner in crime so that no matter what trouble you got into at home, it was worth the fun you had together. It was terrible to read of your loss and how terribly you must miss her. I am sorry for her suffering and for your own as well. For her to have been diagnosed and then pass a year later had to be difficult for everyone. I have had the good fortune not to know the terrible side effects of chemo but I have heard they are awful and for you to have said having experienced that you can handle anything I’m sure is factual. I cannot believe you took a bus back and forth for your treatments. You are an incredibly strong woman but that still sounds difficult to me for anyone to do. I guess I have always presumed that when someone goes through such an ordeal, they have someone there with them to travel back and forth and be there to rely on. Your travels back and forth had to be terrible and especially after the treatments going home on a bus. I don’t know how you did it.

        So I will end my post to you on a lighter note. #1 You are one strong lady and I am glad we know you – and #2 I am so glad you never chose to cut the head off of the Black Paddle wielder. And, I am with you…I too would have attacked the source.

        I am glad you made it through your ordeal :)

      • Ha!!! No need to be empathic. I chose not to tell anyone so that I could manage it with myself and my doctor. I learned yearrrrrrrrrs ago the less my family knew, the better. I grew up in Texas and stayed to long. That should tell you something!!!!! I really believe if I had told them, I’d probably be dead. The one time I was in the hospital close to death, my mother told me, “If I do anything for you during this time, it will be for my sake only.” That’s all I neede to hear and when I heard that, I came back to San Francisco and never looked back. The older my mother got, the worse she got. The family was just to dysfunctional. When I was going through chemo, I had to self inject thus drug called Neupogen. It’s a drug that stimulates WBC production from the sternum, arms, and legs. It keeps chemo from totally wiping out the immune system so that the patient does not due of infection. One injection a day for 10 days after each chemo treatment. It hurt like nothing I have never experienced before. It hurts and it hurts like hell. Think of having deep bone pain so bad that pain relievers are worthless. I think my sister would still be alive today if her doctors had put her on the same medication, but they didn’t. I am to understand through my niece, my sister’s daughter, that my mother caused a scene at the funeral. I did not find out that she had died until 10 days after they had buried her and a friend of mine in Texas was the one who told me.

        Jodi has no idea what a dysfunctional family is. I believe that what she is accusing her family of doing are things that her lawyers are telling her were abuse so they could provide a believeable defense. Jodi was not abused by either her family or Travis.

        As for me, I’m a grown responsible adult and can take care of myself. And, I’m a he, not a she!!!!


      • jdlish – Regardless of your strength, still a terrible story for anyone to endure. However, at the very end, you had me laughing due to my presumption you were a “she”. I think the whole sister thing just led me to see in my mind’s eye, sisters instead of a brother and sister. I too came from a very dysfunction family and it never ended even into my 30’s and 40’s. I had a younger (by 7 years) brother but we were never friends so I think my presumption of you was based on my own life.

        I’m still chuckling over my gaffe! And while you are extremely strong and you handled your bout with cancer solo, I still think that is amazing. I cannot imagine the bus ride and I think that is what sticks with me the most…having a chemo treatment and then getting on a bus to get home. I glad you passed the 5 year mark and I am glad you continue good health.

        As for your mother…wow. Some women got married and had families because it was considered the thing to do. Not all women should have been mothers; mine was a perfect example of that as well. BUT the good news is, because they did, you are here as am I.

        I figure that alone was my revenge :)

      • Sounds like you’ve been through Hell & Back, James. Glad you survived! I, too, don’t believe Arias’ bullshit, self-serving tales-of-woe and abuse @ the hands of her family OR Travis Alexander…

  26. Josh– that IS a fate worse than death, although in this instance either way would be fine. Marcianna- wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to wait till next week to get our wish? Friday would be great– party all weekend!!

    • Count me in Donna!!! Darn, they recessed for today. Well – tomorrow is another day and I presume they will then read their Victim Impact statements.

      How about that 2 minutes of silence. Wow!

      • I agree. But I bet she still takes the stand and talks and talks and talks. The good news is…this should be her last opportunity. After this I hope she fades into oblivion.

      • OMG–I just got this image of her ” fading into oblivion”. Funny how the mind works!

        Sent from my iPad

      • Donna – Just heard Travis’ brother and sister will be the first ones speaking tomorrow. There will only be the two of them out of the family. This is on Vinnie Politano. The commentators are all saying what a totally class act this family is and finally, after 5 years of their silence they are going to tell what their brother really was like instead of the trashing of him by Arias.

        I know I say this often but I just do not even understand what made J Arias even think she could have fit into that family. She is such a low life. Oh – they just said she has been banned from speaking to the media. Thank goodness!!!!

      • Maybe Kevin can give us all a quick lesson – I saw his post on there and it is genius.

        Maybe Dr. P can help him get it on one of his posts later tonight or tomorrow. Good night :)

      • Thanks, Kevin- it’s going to be so sad. The Alexander’s are a top notch family who have shown such class throughout this entire nightmare. My heart goes out to Jodi’s mom– she’s got to be dying inside!

        Sent from my iPad

    • She is disgusting. Her ugly, black, dead eyes. She seems to not have time for this…like she is not interested in what anyone has to say. When J Martinez speaks, she doodles as if he is so unimportant to her. OMG – they just said ARIAS may take the stand again in determining LWOP or DP. This will never end!

      • If she’s dumb enough to take the stand again, you can rest assured that the DP will be given!! She needs to know when to fold ‘em!

        Sent from my iPad

      • Oh not you don’t Jd’lish! There will be no moving on. There is always going to be another topic that we will need to voice our opinions on. I have cobwebs that need cleaned but I would much rather be doing this – – – you are hooked…you’re using your iPhone!!!

      • AMEN– we’ll just all move on—TO ANOTHER TOPIC!! This is what keeps us on our toes!

        Sent from my iPad

      • It’s pretty bad when you have your laptop, iPad and iPhone all on chargers and pray they’ll be fully charged by the time your MINI iPad runs out of juice!! Now, THAT is hooked, so NO MOVING ON, hear?? LOL

        Sent from my iPad

  27. The way it look by the wounds on his back after he saw her in the mirror he turned and ran down the hall. and she jumped on his back and stabbed him over and over that’s why the blood is streaked on the wall the way it is and why her paum print is on the wall as he stumbled down the hall. Then when he went to the ground she cut his throat. And the last thing he heard was her screaming at him calling him a bastard and I’m sure much more shocking words. And at one time he loved her and never could have seen this coming. She is not write every time she cried on the stand no water that’s not crying. It’s acting.

  28. The jury blew it!these pictures were all it would take for me to give this psychopath death! I am praying that she still gets it! I love the comments on black paddle! My mom used a hair brush,and other things at times! I never considered that to being abuse! Kids nowadays,have no respect and awful mouths!i think we should be allowed to give them a whack when they are out of line! Worked for me(sometimes) as for skanky,she needs the needle,the sooner the better,lets rid this world of this bitch!she doesn’t deserved the same air we breath! I heard she is making $12 grand a day on her website! Can’t someone put a stop to thar?

    • Victoria – It is disgusting that she is permitted to make ANY money. What money that she odes make should go to the state of Arizona to reimburse them for the $1.7 million it cost them to defend her skanky butt. I guess it is from her selling all of those B.S. SURVIVOR tee shirts that she claims all the money is going to Domestic Abuse organizations. She is a terrible, terrible human being. I totally agree with you.

  29. I’m truly sorry for Travis family’s lost. I pray he didn’t suffer. I don’t know him personally, I know he didn’t deserve what Jodie has done to him. NO EXPLANATION!!!! THEIR IS A SPECIAL PLACE FOR THIS EVIL IN disguise person. May God be with u all my heart goes out to u all. So sorry Truly sorry.. for this beautiful man /friend she took for no just reason . God bless; April Robinson.

  30. I was an ex Mormon. 90% of Mormon Morons are racist! My church used to teach us to HATE other skin colors. It’s sad how Mormons are allowed to be out of jail. Mormonism, it’s the KKK greatest gift to the world!

  31. 1st off why the hell did he invite her to come in his house and have sex? She was crazy. Why didnt he get a restraining order? I just dont understand that.

  32. I am incline to think that she murdered him with someone else help. I dont understand how Travis did not defend himself, push her, ran away, etc. This is the work of 2 people, not this girl alone.

    • Bernon – I think it was already proven she acted alone. Nothing at Travis’s residence indicated there was a third party present. Travis did defend himself, he had several wounds on his hands and his arm and he did attempt to get away. He was so badly wounded he was rendered defenseless. Arias is a vile human being.

  33. It is a shame that such an attractive woman got into such a mess. I think that she tried so hard to be accepted by Caucasian people through her relationships and she saw the writing on the wall that Travis would only marry a woman that met and mirrored the criteria of of the Mormon society. She felt rejection and racism and it infuriated her. She should have stopped seeing him. The sex pics and videos only served Travis and anyone the he shared them with as entertainment.

    Instead she went off like that Wuornos woman whom was executed a few years ago for murders she committed as a result of the continuous scarring experiences during her life and society’s failure to recognise and assist her to engage a healing process.

    It’s tragic the Jodi made her decision to murder Travis and she should should be given the chance to reform her mind and life. It does no good to keep her in prison for life. There are plenty of other people whom have had less passionate reasoning for their crimes.

    • Well Mike, it is 10:34 PM, 10/30/2013 and I just got on my laptop. This is the very first email I opened. I gave you a thumbs down because I am so confused by this posting and I and wondering if there are two Jodi’s. Did I miss something over all these months of Jodi hearings? Exactly what race is Jodi? Where would she experience racism? There I no comparison between Arias and Aileen Wuornos. I also think you have your own opinion regarding her being “…such an attractive woman…”. Ms. Arias was just as odd and dishonest before she ever knew Travis. She is an evil human being.

      • I’m with you on this one Marcianna. She is not an “attractive woman”. She is ugly from he inside out. I wonder if Mike would feel the same way if JA had killed one of his family members. If you recall JA was a willing participant with regard to any videos or pics. She is right where she belongs and needs to stay there until she dies. There is no reforming this lying psycho bitch. She did not just murder Travis, she slaughtered him. If she is given life I can only hope that prison justice prevails. Mike needs to give his head a shake and see JA for what she really is.

      • You got me. I wonder if its racist because she was a blonde. Could this be why she became a brunette? But if you do find out be sure to let me know.

      • Not a chance would this sorry excuse for air commit suicide. She’s much too self-absorbed to do away with her Favorite Person — HER. Bitch. I REALLY can’t stand this girl. I really can’t… :(

  34. En Español Soy de Venezuela. Jodi, debes morir en el infierno. No en este momento. No te deseo pena de muerte, sería demasiado piadoso hacia ti. Acosaste, perseguiste y luego mataste a un muchacho lleno de vida quien pudo tener una vida excelente al lado de una verdadera mujer. Tu lo sabes, estas podrida y debes pagar detrás de las rejas.
    Travis, ojalá y descanses en paz luego de lo que este monstruo te hizo sufir, tanto en vida como asesinándote.
    Nada más que decir

    • Alex – You are absolutely correct – I too think the death penalty would be too merciful for such a horrible person as Jodi Arias HOWEVER, the fact that it would be looming over her head and she most definitely fears it, would be much suffering for her. Travis most definitely would have had a great life with a “real woman” as you say, and she will suffer for what she did to him. She claimed to have wanted the death penalty but this nasty thing wants to live. I do not know what the death penalty procedures are in Venezuela, but even if she is given the death penalty, it would be a decade or more before it would be enacted.

    • Totally unreal, eh, Marcianna?? JA is a psycho bitch and needs to get what’s coming to her. And soon……….Right now she thinks she rules the roost. But that should all change when she actually ends up in prison. Those inmates ain’t gonna out up with her horsesh*t. To me the perfect payback would be if she were to get shanked!!!!

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