Drunken Reality: How Reality Shows Glorify Excessive Alcohol Use

I love TV. Most people will not admit they watch TV, but if that was true how the hell did J-Woww from the Jersey Shore afford those huge lady lumps.

Reality shows seem to dominate our culture and glorify the bad drunken behavior of the characters.

The bad behavior is usually caused from excessive drinking.

Let me give you an example, the Jersey Shore’s whole premise is based on partying all night long at the club, drinking a lot, and going home to have sex with random people, and Snooki showing her naked ass as she is stumbling drunk on the beach. Alcohol seems to also be involved in the drama.

One of my favorite shows is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Every time these women get together they are drinking wine, a lot of it, and by the end of the night they are all a hot mess. Fighting and cattiness seems to be the ongoing theme, along with drinking.

Although, we think these reality stars know what they are getting into,  I don’t think they realize at what cost to their real personal lives. In fact, Russel Armstrong, Taylor Armstrong who is on RHOBH, hanged himself with a rope in a room which belonged to a friend of his.

Armstrong blamed the show for ruining his business and destroying his marriage. OK, Russel was a turd, he beat the crap out of his wife during their five-year marriage breaking her jaw and busting her eye socket. But nevertheless to have his personal life exposed on national TV, no wonder he committed suicide.

So I propose a new reality show called The Real Housewives of Mendocino County.

When these ladies get together they smoke a lot of doobie-doos together. They have discussions which resolve their issues instead of fighting like a bunch of rabid shrews, and none of them will have anorexia because they love good food and they love to eat together.

The ladies would be married to wealthy pot farmers, and come harvest time the women get together to go pot-smoking and shoe shopping.

OK, this is the most boring-ass show, but the theme is different from any of the shows that are out there.

It wouldn’t glorify alcohol on reality shows which seem to cause more drama and fighting than if these crazy biotchs stopped drinking all that damn wine! Their would be a lot less emotional breakdowns and nonsense.

We all know that reality shows are not real, however the alcohol helps bring out the worst side of the characters. The camera catches all the reactions and drama amplifying stereotypes such as all women are catty and competitive, or men are like dogs only looking to hump a random chick from the club.

Reality shows definitely glorify alcohol use and excessive drinking. The problem with that is we are teaching people this is perfectly “OK” behaviors when it comes to alcohol, and if you do something stupid while drunk you don’t have to take any responsibility because the alcohol made me do it.

I challenge you to watch some reality shows and just make a mental tally of all the shows in which alcohol is involved. You will discover alcohol is a dangerous reality.