Sherpas threaten strike

The body of “Green Boots” (an Indian climber who died in 1996) lies near a cave that all climbers pass on their way to the peak. Green Boots now serves as a waypoint marker that climbers use to gauge how near they are to the summit. Green Boots became separated from his party in 1996 and sought this mountain overhang (really a small, open mouthed cave) to use as protection from the elements. He sat there shivering in the cold until he died. The wind has since blown his body over.

The body of “Green Boots” (an Indian climber who died in 1996) lies near a cave that all climbers pass on their way to the peak. Green Boots now serves as a waypoint marker that climbers use to gauge how near they are to the summit. Green Boots became separated from his party in 1996 and sought this mountain overhang (really a small, open mouthed cave) to use as protection from the elements. He sat there shivering in the cold until he died. The wind has since blown his body over.

In the wake of the terrible avalanche on Mt. Everest which resulted in the death of 12 Sherpas there will be no accessions for the rest of the season.

Sherpas are demanding from the Nepalese government better wages, medical and accidental insurance in the event they are hurt while climbing.

Sherpas make about $6000.00 per season which is about three months. The average Nepalese citizen makes $700.00 per year.

So are the Sherpas doing too much bitchin’? Not according to the Sherpas who say they hold the entire economy on their backs and they want more money generated from tourism to the mountain.

But here’s where it gets sticky. Nepal has slashed their permit license to climb from $25,000 to $11,000 making it cheaper to climb thus more people. In some areas near the summit their could be more than 50 people backed up waiting to cross a danger zone. That’s too many fat ass Westerners on thin ice ledges if you ask me. And in fact, the Sherpas are noticing more unstable ice ledges resulting in falling ice and avalanches. And these are brave men who carry all the gear so fat ass Westerners don’t have to carry their own shit up a big ass mountain with falling ice.

The career path of a Sherpa isn’t appealing. I mean, how do you apply for that job? Can you imagine that job description?

“Wanted: Need Sherpa immediate opening available. Make an exciting career carrying heavy shit up a big ass mountain for fat ass Westerners.

Improve your culinary skills cooking rehydrated foods over dried yak poop which you must collect and carry in your back pack all the way up the big ass mountain.

Make friends with delusional people who came to the big ass mountain to prove nothing other than the fact they are probably not going to make it to summit because of their fat ass.

Use your medical and psychological  training to help delusional Westerners understand that loosing one toe from frost bite is a hellva lot better than being a frozen dude on the side of the mountain. Excellent wages, safe and friendly working environment and fast upward mobility. Please inquire 800-You-Nutz!”

No thank you. I’ll collect unemployment and sit on my fat Western ass.

A little rock & roll for the Sherpas. 4 Non Blonds Misty Mountain Hop


Get with it

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Taming the tattoo

File of a soldier from the U.S. Army's 1st Platoon, 18th Engineer Company, Task Force Arrowhead resting at FOB Mizan after completing a route clearance patrol in AfghanistanEvery generation has always had a love affair with tattoos. Tattoos always say something about a person. You can tell if a person was just drunk as fuck in Las Vegas and went to the cheapest parlor and picked out that jacked up unicorn to put on their ass. Or that really abusive boyfriend whose name is tattooed on your breast because you did it when you thought you were in love. Yes people I’m taking about tattoos.

I have a much younger FWB who does dishes, which is like a full-blown love affair to me. I digress. He’s retired from the Army and he has more tattoos than the Berlin wall had graffiti before they tore the bitch down.

He has shit in Hebrew, Arabic. Some shit with numbers in it and some Bible verses, and I think some surah from the Quran might be somewhere. Maybe an advertisement for a falafel house? Who knows. But each one of them says something about his experience and what he encountered during four tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

There is a correlation between war and tattoos. My Grandpa was a Navy gunner, Pearl Harbor survivor, and served in Normandy.

He had a tattoo on his arm and I think it had some woman’s name wrapped in snakes. The name wasn’t Grandma’s because Deda was a rolling stone.

Snakes were in style during WWII, I guess. And the military let the men have their snake tattoos with bootie calls name intertwined and wear them proudly, like a badge of honor. But as we saw then is happening today. The military has had enough.

In an article in Time magazine the Army is enacting a new policy of no tats below the knee or forearm. The Air Force, which in the past were Nazis about tattoos had a policy no tats could be seen in uniform period. What was always held firmly slowly eroded.

In the past the military became too relaxed when it came to the tattoo and basically ignored what was happening, a complete break down of uniformity. Now women want to wear braids to express their heritage. Sikhs serving want to wear their turbans and keep their long hair and beard. Enough! I want conformity and uniformity.

As I mentioned tattoos tell a story about us no matter if it’s that Christmas Elf on the shoulder or the hands of Jesus on a chest. There is always some meaning. However, the military isn’t about self-expressionism or “finding yourself.” It is about conforming to a sense of oneness with people you will fight alongside with. It’s the illusion that every one is equal.

We have all seen the pictures of really bad tattoos so lets change it up and take a look at some really great tattoos by artists. Check this out.





Toxicology tests may indicate cause of death of Coachella attendee

2014 Coachella in Indio, CA

2014 Coachella in Indio, CA

I have been spending the last couple of days intentionally fucked up on Blue Haze watching the annual  Coachella Arts and Music Festival which is being held in Indio, CA. Indio, really?

Anyhoo, the line-up this year is awesome. The sexy bitches from Haim rocked the house. Aloe Black sang his hit I need a dollar which is officially the theme song of my life. My personal favorite electro-funk band  Chromeo.  And Neko Case bringing the sound of rock country. That old kind of music born out of a dirty little biker bar. Not that I would like know anything about dirty little biker bars located in Lexington, South Carolina where you are guaranteed to see a great fight.

Coachella has been awesome, except the 2014 event experienced its first death allegedly from drugs.

The woman, identified as Kimchi Truong of Oakland, died Thursday, four days after possibly suffering a drug or alcohol overdose at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, the Riverside County sheriff-coroner said Friday.

The kids today have never been taught limits. Kids aren’t just into a little weed, they prefer the mollies, Salvia and bath salts. They slam MDMA, snort Ketamine, suck themselves silly on whippets, and drop Ecstasy, smoke some meth and wash it down with a gallon of moon shine. No limits.

I’m nostalgic about the good ol’ days when there were certain drugs which were frowned upon, not socially acceptable. If you heard someone was doing heroine it was a big deal! It isn’t so much anymore.

Maybe, instead of telling our young people “Just Say No,” which hasn’t worked very well, we teach them why they shouldn’t mess with dangerous synthetics. You know, the lesson of “if it be from the ground you can be down.”

I would bet a dollar Ms. Truong’s autopsy will reveal the mystery of what happened at Coachella. I will however have to borrow the dollar from Aloe Black.


Wu Tang rapper now has a putang

Luca Brasi, loyal cult member and officially nuts, shared this story in one of the threads and let me tell you it is all wrong. It’s hard andre-johnsonfor me to write this post because I want to laugh, cry and throw up in my mouth all at the same time.

Andre Johnson, rapper in the hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan was high as fuck on PCP when he sliced off his penis and jumped off a second floor building in LA. That’s right peeps he sliced his sausage.

Authorities did recover the penis but doctors were unsuccessful in attaching it. So now Johnson lost his Johnson, and the poor rapper from Wu Tang has a putang because he was high on a drug that’s notorious for causing people to do some crazy shit like cutting off penis’ and  jumping out of windows from second story buildings.

Now the man is doomed to a loveless life minus a penis. Moral of the story is PCP is whack!

Wu-Tang Clan – It’s Yourz


The murder of Ibragim Todashev

Many of you don’t know who Ibragim Todashev is because his story was buried so far back and never hit any of the major news outlets until now on TPP.


Ibragim Todashev was shot seven times by the FBI

After the Boston bombings the FBI went on a “man-hunt” for anyone who had ties to Tamerlan Tsarnaev. One guy the FBI questioned was Ibragim Todashev.

Todashev is a well known MMA fighter and wrestler, who used to live in Boston and worked out at the same gym as Tsarnaez. By all accounts Todashev knew Tsarnaev only because they were both from Chechnya and lived in the same town in Boston, and worked out at the same gym. They never sparred together and never moved in the same crowds. Here is a video of Todashev fighting:

On the afternoon of May 22, 2013, law enforcement officers, including an FBI special agents from the Boston field office and two Massachusetts State Police (MSP) troopers, arrived at Ibragim Todashev’s apartment in Orlando, Florida, and interviewed Todashev for approximately eight hours in his living room on regards to Tsarnaev.

During this interview Todashev was questioned about the triple murder of Brendan Mess, 25, Erik Weissman, 31, and Raphael Teken, 37, which had occurred Waltham in 2011. The guys were low-level pot dealers. One of the men murdered was Brendan Mess who was the best friend of Tsarnaev. The FBI wanted to connect Tsarnaev to the homocides and they were looking for a confession at any cost, even against an innocent man.

After questioning for many hours Todashev wrote a confession implicating himself and Tsarnaev in the triple homocide. Here is his unsigned confession:

unredactedMy name is IBRAGIM TODASHEV
I wanna tell the story about the robbery
me and Tam did in Waltham in September
of 2011. That was [?] by Tamerlan.
[?] [?] he [?] to me to rob
the drug dealers. We went to their
house we got in there and Tam had
a gun he pointed it [?] the guy that
opened the door for us [?]
we went upstairs into the house
[?] 3 guys in there [?] we put them
on the ground and then we [?]
[?] taped their hands up

But here is the where shit gets real. The men who were murdered were never tied up, they were not shot, and they were not robbed. In fact, when they were found by Mess’ girlfriend she said their hands were not bound. Marijuana and over $5000.00 was scattered on top of them and their throats were slit almost decapitating them. None of these facts are in Todashev’s confession!

The FBI said the reason they didn’t have a chance to get the confession signed was because Todashev attacked them. At first they said it was a medal pipe and that wasn’t true. Then they said they were attacked by a decorative wall sword with a broken handle and that was not true. And then they said Todoshev attacked them and that his body was considered a “dangerous weapon” because he was a MMA fighter. The FBI shot Todoshev seven times. Three of the shots to his back. Also note the bruise on left side of his face just under the brow line. Looks like a hit with a butt of a gun?


Now the family is demanding answers from the FBI and the FBI says they are not finished with their “investigation.”








Here is a video of Tdoshev’s wife and family members during a press Q&A

The murder of Todashev still remains unsolved, and unfortunately forgotten. We will never know the truth of what happened to Ibragim Todashev.



A critical look at the Boston bombers

On the eve of the Boston bombing I have decided not to share with you the version we have all heard from news media sources, but one in which some of you might find provocative.

This case which will start in November is so baffling to me so I’d like to share with you some of the evidence I have been researching over for the past three days. Let’s role back to 2013 when Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaez and his older brother Tamerlan were video taped at the Boston Marathon.  We have all seen the video where we see them walking amongst the crowd with back packs on their shoulders. Here is the video:

We have been told that it was these back packs were filled with a home-made pressure cooker bomb which caused the massive damage and killed three people. But what we haven’t heard much of is that day there was a training exercise by the Department of Homeland Security in which they were practicing backpack explosives (Please see this article DHS admits bomb training. In fact they had announced this to the runners as they came close to the finish line over a loud-speaker telling them “This is only a drill.”

It was shortly after those announcements that two bombs went off. After a very short investigation we were told by the media that they had not only located the terrorists but found the back pack. Please see picture of exploded black backpack . Now notice the Tsarnaev brothers have grey backpacks. But more importantly take note of the strap on the exploded back pack and the backpacks worn by the suspects. The straps aren’t the same.


After the bombing it was reported that the younger brother Jahar went back to his college dorm room. He hung out with friends, smoked some weed and according to those friends was “cool” and not nervous at all. Jahar even tweeted “There’s no love in the heart of the city. Stay safe.” Now that to me is a weird texted to make and yet asking people to stay safe.

The media told us that after their photos were released to the media by the FBI they went on the run. They killed a cop at MIT and robbed a 7-11.  Later the media retracted the story about the robbery at the 7-Eleven (7-Eleven robbery not related to Boston bombing suspects.) Here is a picture of Jahar and his brother buying some snacks and Red Bull.



In between the 7-Eleven is when things get a little hazy. We heard from the media these guys went onto the MIT campus and shot a cop because they needed a gun. Yet, when they are at the supposed shoot out the FBI said they had an arsenal of guns, ammunition and bombs. We have never seen any evidence of this cache of weaponry. OK, are you seeing the pattern now?

Now let’s get to the shooting on Laurel Street. The Tsarnaev brothers engage in a shoot out with the cops supposedly throwing bombs and shooting their guns. The only videos I could find are so hazy that only sound exists but yet no real image. Yet, most people’s phones these days are pretty damn good and that is evident to other videos which were taken the same night like this one of a suspect who was arrested on Adams Street which is about three blocks down from this shoot out. This is called the Podstava video and I will explain why. Watch video.

At 1:16 we hear a man yell  “Podstava!” Podstava in Russian means “set up” or espionage. You also can see the cops shine their flash lights at him and it is just then someone says, “This guy lives here and he doesn’t know who he is,” referring to a bystander who lives in the neighborhood about the suspect laying on the ground hand cuffed. It is then we hear one of the cops ask another “Is that him?” and another said, “That’s him.” So who are the dudes up on Laurel Street? Because Tamerlan is still alive.

We heard that Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in the fire fight with the cops and he was first ran over by the cops and then the cops said his brother ran him over with the SUV they stole from a guy named “Danny” who has never been interviewed on camera and only by voice on CNN. But doctors at the hospital said Tamerlan didn’t appear to have been ran over.


The gaping incision on the side is called a thoracic incision. This is done to save a person’s life, to get close to the organs like the heart. Tamerlan was shot more than seven times and deemed dead on site.

After he is hauled away in ambulance the younger brother is said to have taken off in the SUV where less than one and a half miles he jumps out of the SUV and is on foot. The cops can’t find this kid. Shit, if any of you have even watched one episode of Cops that’s an easy chase for even a fat ass cop eating a donut at the same time. But I guess this kid was too fast on his feet. Many hours later we hear that Jahar is in a 22 foot boat which is parked behind this guy’s house. He said he went out for a smoke and looked inside of the boat and saw the kid. The first report has him speaking to Jahar but that is later retracted.

The FBI comes out with a tank and guns a blazin’. Pure theatrics for a kid who is almost on his death-bed. After two hours of talks and his old wrestling coach persuading the kid to surrender Jahar gets out of the boat with his hands up. Here is some IR video of Jahar in the boat.

Here is a picture of Jahar after the FBI shot the shit out of the boat. He surrendered willingly with no weapon in his possession. But apparently he had a Sharpie in which he scrawled a message which inferred that he and his brother were self-radicalized and this was “payback for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” But let me remind you this terrorist became a naturalized citizen of the United States just one year before on September 11, 2012. This boat confession was not released by the media until one month later. Why?

Let’s fast forward to the hospital confession. He never made a bed side confession because the kid couldn’t speak! He had severe facial damage and a neck wound. The only word he could utter out was the word “No” when asked if he could afford a lawyer and that is in court records. Supposedly, he gave this confession before he was mirandized. Any thing that is said before a person is mirandized is not admissible in court and is deemed hearsay. The U.S. Constitution, 6th Amendment: “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, ,,,, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.”
Take a look at this article Dzhokhar’s note in the boat.


You see people things aren’t always what they appear to be. Look at the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction that were never found.  Here are other instances of False Flags around the world. And when you are talking about an unbiased media consider that nearly every newspaper and media outlet is owned by three conglomerates.

Remember these words “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” – U.S. President James Madison

Here is a video of Jahar Tsarnaev teasing his niece. Does this look like a kid who hates?










Fearful love

837468-817f0322-98ca-11e3-a5ad-5f99c6c437b4In the midst of South Africa’s trial of the century we heard Reeva Steenkamp through text messages about her relationship with Oscar Pistorius. In a text message to Pistorius she said, “I’m scared of you sometimes.” On the stand Pistorius tried to explain the text by claiming Steenkamp was afraid of the “feelings” she was developing for him. Friends of Pistorius have publicly said money and fame changed him into an arrogant, controlling, hot head with a quick temper.

Abuse doesn’t just happen to average people. It happens to famous people, beautiful people and influential people. Abuse has no  boundaries.

Women often try to explain away the reasons why their lover got upset by making excuses such as he beat me because he is going through a hard time. It was revealed Pistorius was experiencing financial difficulties during his relations with Steenkamp.

Women will tell themselves he didn’t mean to hit me or degrade me. Women will also say to themselves if I only do things that make him happy or don’t frustrate him our life together will get better. Steenkamp revealed in her text messages Pistorius “picked on her” about the way she chewed her gum, her accent, and perceived flirting. On the stand Pistorius  said he and Steenkamp had a fight when she failed to introduce him to a friend she had ran into at an event and his feeling were hurt over it.

Abuse often starts out with nit-picking and a critical attitude. It might start out with “I don’t like the way you dress” or “the way speak.” Small things that would seem inconsequential to most people, abusive people use this to try to manipulate. Unfortunately, Steenkamp could not see the signs. Here is the pattern of an abusive relationship.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #1: COMMITMENT DRIVEN-This is referred as the “honeymoon period” of the relationship. This period often hooks women into the relationship with their abuser.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #2: DECEITFUL. Minor deceit, or the ‘telling of white lies’ frequently occurs in the beginning stages of a relationship.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #3: MINOR JEALOUSY. At first their jealous behavior doesn’t seem excessive, so there is no immediate ‘red flag warning’ indicating a prevalence for controlling or possessive behaviors.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #4: VICTIMIZED. What do you know about his childhood? Did he experience abuse or neglect? If so, do these experiences continue to have a negative impact him? An abusive childhood in and of itself should not be considered a deal-breaker, however, if he uses his history of abuse as an excuse for his poor attitude or for feeling a general sense of resentment and entitlement; then this behavior should be on your radar.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #5: LACKING CUPABILITY. While presented as an early warning sign, generally “blaming others” is also a red flag behavior, whereas individuals who fail to take responsibility for their emotions, behaviors, and/or life outcomes should be avoided at all costs because of their destructive nature. It is likely that they also have endured an abusive childhood, therefore tend to label themselves as a victim and blame past abuses for current inappropriate acts or behaviors. There are two types of “blamers, those who shift responsibility for their problems and those blame others for their emotional response.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #6: SUPERIORITY. This individual has an attitude of self-righteousness, truly believes that he is better than everyone else, and will have no qualms telling you this.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #7: LONER. At first, it might appear that he really enjoys spending time alone with you, or that values solitary and is uncomfortable around others, or maybe it is just that he loves being one with nature; but eventually you will want to get out and do something. The abuser’s insistence to hang out alone only serves one purpose, he wants to isolate you from the outside world because he is vested in keeping you all for himself.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #8: PETTINESS –or- HYPERSENSITIVITY. Abusers tend to have low self-esteem, thus they are easily upset or insulted. Also, he tends to make a big deal out of nothing, focus on insignificant details or comments, and assume that any difference of opinion is a direct personal attack on him. These abusers are highly inpatient, excessively critical of others, and lack the ability to forgive others. He often claims that you have ‘hurt’ him; even your smallest infractions cause him emotional pain. While his petty attitudes and outrageous emotional responses seem unfounded, you will eventually feel devalued and question your sensibilities; but of course, you will often find yourself apologizing for things you may have said or done, that he misinterpreted or blew out of proportion.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #9: CONTEMPTUOUS. He his always joking around, or so he claims; but his “jokes” are ripe with malicious sarcasm and condescending undertones. While his jokes, albeit poorly timed, seem genuinely innocently intended; other times his hostility is as unmistakably purposeful. When he is not poking ‘fun’ at others, his direct conversations will likely be condescending, cruel or rude in nature. Importantly, listen to the way he talks about his ex; does he become angry, call her names, or use insulting descriptions in an effort to blame her for the demise of the relationship? Considering these interactional patterns, understand that for now, these are directed at others; but as the relationship progresses, you must realize that the attacks will shift onto you.

EARLY WARNING SIGN #10: AGGRESIVENESS. The words ‘abuse’ and ‘relationship violence’ immediately conjures up mental images of physical fights, bruises, cuts, broken furniture, et. We really have been cued into the tangible aspects of relationship abuse, we recognize it when we see it; we can identify it, when we hear it directed at someone. However, aggressive individuals never end the first dating by punching her in the eye; instead these behaviors manifest over time. Clearly, acts of aggression toward animals or children or verbal assaults would be considered ‘red flag’ behaviors.


If you know the signs you can change your behavior and prevent violence or even death from occurring. Here are 53 celebrities who have suffered abuse at the hands of their loved ones.

Tina Turner- What’s love got to do with it